What you need to know about the US Postal Service’s Medicare Advantage program

The US Postal System is a federal agency, and its programs are governed by laws enacted by Congress.

The Postal Service has a broad portfolio of services including mail and parcel delivery, delivery of mail, and postage collection.

While these services are often billed by the US Government, most of the USPS’ funding comes from the states.

These states also run the bulk of the Postal Service, and there are hundreds of them.

As a result, many of the programs have become subject to criticism from the left and the right.

Some of the most prominent critiques of USPS programs come from those on the right who oppose the agency’s political support for Republican presidential candidates and their agenda.

In particular, the Postal Savings Programs (PSP) are frequently blamed for costing the USPS billions of dollars each year.

Critics argue that these programs are not needed for USPS’ mission, which is to provide the mail to the needy.

The USPS responded to the criticism by proposing an amendment to the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 1996 (PAEA), which was passed in 2010.

This law was designed to increase transparency in USPS programs, but it also allows states to request that USPS cut its budget.

Since the Postal Transparency Act of 2013, which requires the USPS to disclose information about its programs, has been passed, the USPS has not publicly provided any further information about the programs it runs.

That has led some to question whether the USPS is spending too much money on these programs.

While there is no hard evidence to prove that the USPS spends too much on its programs in general, there is some data that does exist, and it suggests that the postal service spends too little on them.

In a survey conducted by the American Action Forum, a conservative political organization that is opposed to the USPS, an overwhelming majority of respondents claimed that the Postal Services budget is too high, and that it should be reduced.

For example, in the survey, 70 percent of respondents said the USPS should “reduce the Postal Efficiency Program (PEP) by $3.4 billion” and “reduces the Postal Safety Program by $2.5 billion.”

In the same survey, 75 percent of postal service employees said that the “Postal Efficiency Program should be eliminated.”

The survey results are consistent with the arguments that have been made in the past.

In fact, during the 2012 campaign, the Obama administration released an analysis that showed that the cost of USPS’ operations was $6 billion a year.

A 2013 analysis by the National Association of Letter Carriers, however, claimed that USPS spends $10 billion a day.

In the most recent survey, nearly two-thirds of postal workers and nearly half of postal employees who received a postcard said that they “wish the Postal System could spend less money.”

Despite the public criticism, the US postal service maintains that it spends less than it should on programs that are critical to the postal system.

The agency points out that USPS receives $12.6 billion in funding annually from Congress, and only about $2 billion is actually spent on programs like postal savings programs.

In response, some argue that it is not necessary for the USPS program to be as large as it is.

However, the agency states that the program “should be the same as it was 10 years ago,” adding that it “does not have to be the largest program of its kind in the country.”

The Postal Service argues that its programs have been effective, but that the data shows that they are “not needed” for the Postal Fund.

It argues that the benefits that USPS has delivered to the US economy are “comparable to the benefits received by the economy from USPS savings programs, which has led to an increase in GDP and the nation’s long-term job creation.”

In order to increase revenue, the postal agency states it would like to reduce the size of the program, and would like it to be “expanded” to cover more of the country.

This is the opposite of what critics have argued, arguing that USPS should be cut because the Postal Simplification Program (PSPP) is not needed, and therefore not needed at all.

The USPS points out, however (in response to the question asked by the survey), that its funding is not based on its current programs.

According to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the USPS received $11.5 trillion in funds over the past decade.

As part of this, the OMB states that it has “supported USPS’ fiscal plan through programs like the Postal Assistance Fund and other programs that provide benefits to the nation.”

In other words, the federal government has invested money into the Postal service, and has a lot of flexibility in how it spends that money.

The Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA) in the US Senate has also criticized the USPS for spending too little money on its Medicare Advantage programs.

The OLA states that “the USPS spends a significant amount of money

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