Why the FBI’s Public Information Officer Is Using The Term “Inform” in the FBI report

Posted September 23, 2018 12:29:15I’ve seen the FBI document, but it’s a little hard to make out all the information on the left side.

I’ll try to highlight some of it here.

Here’s a bit more on the report.

According to the FBI, the name of the public information officer was “J.

Michael Smerconish” or “JMS” in an email dated April 29, 2018.

The name of an informant was “H.A.R.K.” in an April 28, 2018 email.

Another email from April 28 referenced a “Haitian activist” named “Hipo” and a “Syrian refugee” named Hala.

On May 2, 2018, the FBI received an email from a “U.S. citizen” that said the informant was an “Iranian national,” and that “Hala is a former member of a militant group in Iraq.”

The email went on to say the informant “has served on the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Federal Bureau of Investigation Counterterrorism Division, and the National Counterterrorism Center.”

Finally, on May 20, 2018 the FBI learned that a “female undercover agent” was “currently in contact with the FBI regarding information relating to an imminent violent attack against U.S.-bound travelers to the United States.”

(You can read the entire report here.)

In short, the “HMS” alias was used to refer to a U.N. official in the report who, in turn, referred to an informant in the document as “Hmms.”

What does the FBI know?

The FBI’s investigation was prompted by the revelation that a Russian government intelligence agency had hacked into a computer belonging to the Democratic National Committee.

That revelation prompted the FBI to issue a public statement about the incident.

“The investigation into the alleged theft of DNC information and dissemination of that information by Russian state actors has not uncovered any evidence to support the Russian government’s claims,” the statement read.

“However, based on the scope and sensitivity of this matter, it is important to point out that the FBI has not determined the full extent of the Russian Government’s interference in the U.s. elections.”

In response to the release of the document, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, tweeted:The FBI document “claims” that the public informant was a “former member of al Qaeda,” but there is no evidence the name is actually an alias.

And, while the document says the FBI “received a tip from an unidentified source that Hala was an al Qaeda operative,” there is zero evidence to suggest the information was actually correct.

As far as we know, the document is not part of a criminal investigation and is not a FISA warrant.

If it was, it would be more difficult for the FBI and the Department of Justice to justify using that alias in court.

What did the FBI do wrong?

FBI officials have defended the FBI director’s use of the alias. 

“The term ‘HMS’ is used in this document in a way that it is not intended by the source to be interpreted as referring to an individual who has been identified as a terrorist, or who has committed a crime, or has any other conduct that would constitute an act of terrorism,” the FBI statement read in part.

But, even if the FBI had intended to use the alias, it’s not clear it would have done so.

A “Unexplained name” alias is one that appears in multiple government documents, but appears to be completely unrelated to a crime or criminal investigation.

This is especially true when the name appears in a document that is supposed to be about a specific crime.

It’s unclear why the FBI would use the name, especially since the agency’s name does not appear in the public report. 

The term “Hms” is a term that appears on several government documents but that does not seem to be an actual alias for someone who has engaged in criminal activity.

For example, the term “Klondike Gold Rush” appears in the federal government’s National Historic Landmark Protection Act, which was approved by Congress in 1972.

In its draft environmental assessment for the site, the Bureau of Land Management said the “NHLPA” name was “the name of a gold rush.” 

The NHLPA’s website says that it “is an independent organization dedicated to protecting the lands and waters of the nation.”

But its site includes a photo of a group of Native Americans with the word “KLONDIK” next to the group.

No one has ever accused the NHLPA of being associated with a criminal organization.

(If you’re curious, the NHL

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