How to reduce your stress and learn more about trauma informed teaching

A recent article in the Journal of Traumatic Stress has been doing the rounds and the authors of the study say that the process of learning about trauma and the impact of it is crucial to reducing stress.

The authors found that exposure to trauma can help reduce stress levels.

“It’s a lot easier to manage stress if you know that it’s going to happen,” said Dr. Michael D. Zirkin, the lead author of the article.

“You don’t have to look for triggers.”

The study focused on two aspects of learning to learn trauma: how people learn trauma and how they learn trauma from media sources.

The researchers looked at how people learned about trauma, using a questionnaire that was filled out by volunteers who were asked to provide information about their experience with a traumatic event.

Participants were then asked to complete a series of questions about their experiences and the way they responded to the traumatic event and then they were asked questions about how the experience impacted their stress levels and how that impacted their performance on an exam.

In addition, participants were asked how they learned about the traumatic events they were participating in, and how their learning about the events affected their stress level.

The results revealed that exposure in the form of media was significantly related to how people reacted to traumatic events, with exposure being associated with lower stress levels as well as increased resilience.

The study also found that those who were exposed to traumatic event information through the media were significantly more likely to have lower stress and better performance on the exam than those who did not have this exposure.

“The important takeaway here is that exposure can be a useful way to reduce stress,” Zirkins said.

“There’s a link between trauma and learning, so we think that exposure is one way to increase resilience.”

The researchers found that when people were exposed, they were significantly less likely to report being overwhelmed by stress and that they were also less likely than non-exposed people to report having been overwhelmed by the event.

“There’s not much we can do to prevent the stress and the stress is a risk factor for anxiety,” said Zirkes.

“We know that exposure also has a role in how people deal with anxiety and depression.”

The research is important because of the role of exposure in helping people learn to become better at managing stress and improving their performance.

“As you can see, exposure to traumatic experience, and media exposure in general, is associated with increased stress,” said D’Angelo.

“What this study shows is that we need to learn more.

We need to understand the mechanisms that are at work and how exposure can help.

There’s a big disconnect between how we’re learning trauma and what’s happening to us as a society and what we’re actually experiencing.”

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