How to get a good picture of your phone in low light

The latest version of Google’s camera app will soon let you take a low-light picture of the screen with the help of a new filter.

The app is currently in beta and can only take a few shots a second, but now it will let you save the results and then re-run the process again later.

The filter can be used to reduce light to lower-than-average levels, but the app will let users apply a similar effect to the display, too.

To apply the filter, tap on the settings icon in the upper right corner of the photo menu, and then select ‘highlight’ to open the filter menu.

From there, you can choose to apply the filters to the left and right edges of the picture or to the bottom of the image.

The first option in the filter is called ‘highlights’ and will reduce the amount of light falling on the display.

It’s best to set the ‘highlighting’ filter to ‘high’ in the photo settings if you want to reduce the effect of low-level highlights on the screen.

The other option is called the ‘brightness’ filter, and it reduces the brightness of the display to match the amount you’d like the phone to reflect back to you.

Both filters are applied at the same time, so you’ll need to apply both to the same photo in order to have a consistent picture.

This can be tricky to do with low-quality photos, and the app does not offer a quick way to change the settings without restarting the phone.

You can also set the filters separately, though you’ll be limited to just a few settings.

The filters are currently only available for phones running Android 4.3 and higher, and Google says the next update will bring support for phones and tablets running Android 5.0, which is due out in March.

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