New report: The FBI and the NSA are using your phone numbers to track you

In January, a report from the ACLU found that the FBI and its NSA counterparts have been tapping people’s phones for years without a warrant.

Now the ACLU is filing a lawsuit against the FBI, alleging that the agency is illegally using the phone numbers of millions of innocent people to track their movements.

The ACLU alleges that the bureau’s use of the numbers to collect metadata is unconstitutional.

And while the government has not commented publicly on the lawsuit, it has confirmed that it has been using the information to track the movements of people for more than a decade.

The lawsuit filed in federal court on Thursday, filed by ACLU staff attorney Michael Schatzker, accuses the FBI of violating the Constitution by illegally using cellphone numbers to monitor people who are not suspects in a criminal investigation.

Schatzker and ACLU staff lawyer John Burris say that the Bureau’s use is unconstitutional, and the bureau has repeatedly claimed that it uses the phone number records to help them with investigations.

The ACLU also alleges that there are “serious concerns” about how the Bureau uses the information.

The DOJ has not yet commented on the complaint.

The bureau did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The phone number metadata collection program, known as PRISM, is part of the NSA’s controversial collection of Americans’ phone records.

The program has been under scrutiny by privacy advocates since it began, with President Donald Trump in March accusing the agency of violating privacy by secretly listening to millions of phone calls.

The NSA is currently engaged in a sweeping surveillance program known as XKeyscore, in which it is secretly collecting the phone records of millions upon millions of Americans.

It’s part of an effort to combat the growing threat of terrorism.

The FBI and NSA say that their PRISM program is legal, and that it helps them investigate crimes and solve crimes.

However, critics have argued that the programs’ use of cell tower location data is unconstitutional because it does not involve a warrant or court order.

Critics of the government’s PRISM programs have said that they have been abused, with many Americans being unwittingly caught up in the dragnet.

In a recent study by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, more than one million Americans were tracked by PRISM as part of a program that the government calls PRISM-TELNET.

The new lawsuit is the first legal challenge to PRISM by the ACLU.

The organization has previously sued the FBI for spying on its own people and has also called on the FBI to stop using the data to track Americans in domestic terrorism investigations.

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