Which of the following are you? What is information?

A: The name of a member of Congress, the name of the person who has been elected to a seat in Congress, or a group of members, such as the House or Senate.

B: The number of people who have been elected, including the party and its candidate.

C: The total number of votes cast in the presidential election.

D: The percentage of votes that went to a candidate or political party.

E: The share of the total votes that were cast for or against a political party or candidate.

F: The national average of the percentage of the votes cast for a political candidate, political party, or candidate for office.

G: The average of all the numbers that were reported for each candidate or candidate, excluding undecided voters.

H: The rate of change in the national average over the past 10 years.

I: The percent change in unemployment rate over the last 10 years, for all individuals who are unemployed.

J: The year the unemployment rate was last reported.

K: The state of the nation as of the most recent estimate.

L: The unemployment rate in each state.

M: The statewide unemployment rate for individuals in the country, for those who are working and those who have stopped looking for work.

N: The overall unemployment rate, for the entire country, excluding those in the United States.

O: The proportion of people in each age group that are unemployed, for individuals age 15 and older and for those ages 15 to 64.

P: The median household income, for households in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Q: The most recent 10-year average of inflation-adjusted real gross domestic product.

R: The current rate of inflation, for each year, expressed in US dollars.

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