An Australian vet gets a ‘good laugh’ after ‘getting the flu’

A vet in Australia has had the “good laugh” of getting a “good” flu shot after she mistakenly believed her dog was getting it.

In a video posted to YouTube, the vet, who is part of a veterinary network, can be heard saying she thought her dog, Bella, was getting the flu because she was sitting on the side of the road when she started feeling “really ill”.

“I was in the backyard watching the sun go by and I had a bad feeling,” she said.

“It felt like I was getting sick, but when I got on the phone and got on to the doctor, it didn’t sound like I had the flu at all.”

When Bella did not get the flu, Ms Cottam thought it was the “real flu”.

“It was a really good feeling because I got a good laugh, I was really proud,” she told ABC News.

I didn’t really understand what I was feeling and what was going on and I thought it wasn’t the flu I had in the first place.””

I’m not sure what happened, but I thought Bella was getting vaccinated.”

“I didn’t really understand what I was feeling and what was going on and I thought it wasn’t the flu I had in the first place.”

The vet said she didn’t understand why the dog was showing symptoms until she checked her records and it turned out she had a rare genetic disorder called D1v1, which causes the body to produce antibodies to certain strains of the virus.

“It’s very rare and it’s the only one I know of,” she explained.

“That’s what got me thinking, I don’t have this disease and it can cause this disease.”

Ms Cottams dog is part-D1v-positive, which means she has a mutation that prevents the body from producing the antibodies, and she is now trying to find out if the vaccine could be used in the future.

“When I had my first shot, I got very excited,” she added.

“So excited, I said, ‘Oh my god, I can’t wait to get another one’.”

I thought that was the greatest thing that had ever happened.”‘

I don’t understand how anyone can think this is not a good thing’Ms Cotam said she was “very upset” and said she felt guilty that her dog could be affected by the vaccine.”

If they were going to put this on, it was only for dogs who had been vaccinated, but to me, it’s a bit of a joke because I’ve been vaccinated,” she wrote.”

The vaccine is not going to help me.

“Ms Poulter said she would still be willing to vaccinate her dog if the government gave her the opportunity.”

We can still vaccinate and still protect our animals, but it’s not like I’m the only person who thinks this is a great idea,” she commented.”

People can’t comprehend how anyone could think this isn’t a good idea.

“If we were going, we wouldn’t be in this position, we would be back to where we were, in the back garden, where we are not vaccinated.”

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