How to make a movie about the NFL’s drug problem: It can be done.

The NFL’s current drug problems have gotten so bad, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is calling for an overhaul of how the league conducts drug testing.

The league has also been slow to implement some of the changes that Goodell is asking for, according to the New York Times.

The league was able to make some changes, but some of those were not enough to solve the problem, according the Times.

The Times said Goodell’s request for a 10-point plan was a way for Goodell to start a conversation with players and their families about how the NFL was handling the problem.

The NFL’s new drug policy will include a requirement for league doctors to check for the presence of prescription and illicit drugs.

It also includes a mandatory testing program for players and a ban on the use of pain relievers during football games.

The rules would also be enforced on the field and at the training facility.

Goodell’s plan calls for players to be given a sample of urine and blood at least every two weeks and will be used as a basis for a player to be suspended.

The new drug testing rules would be implemented by 2020.

The idea is that the NFL will have to do something about its drug problem, and it has become a source of debate.

It has led to the creation of advocacy groups and a petition drive that have been successful in getting a change in policy passed in Congress.

In July, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced a plan for the league to implement a new drug program.

The NFLPA and the NFL Players Association had both been calling for Goodell’s reinstatement.

The plan is to test players at least twice a year, and the league wants to conduct random testing at training camp and other venues to detect the presence and level of illicit drugs in players.

The testing would be done on a voluntary basis and would be limited to players who have a history of being arrested.

The test would only be done if the player is suspected of using illegal drugs.

The process would be completed after the player has served at least one year of his suspension.

The program would be overseen by the NFL drug czar, who would also have the power to approve or reject players.

It would be a voluntary program and the players would have to consent to it.

The commissioner said in July that the program would cost the NFL $1.5 billion.

That figure would be the largest cost for the NFL since the implementation of the drug testing program in the mid-2000s.

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