How to Protect Yourself From a Snowfall Emergency

The National Weather Service is predicting more than 40 inches of snow and winds up to 40 miles per hour for much of central and southern Pennsylvania.

Here’s how to prepare yourself and protect yourself.

Here are the tips you need to know if you’re heading into the winter storm:Stay out of trees, especially in your home and garden.

If you’re going to be outdoors, you should be careful not to run into trees, but make sure you’re not standing on a fallen branch or tree trunk.

If you do fall down a tree, make sure it’s in a position that can protect you.

Snow and wind will also move quickly and can easily freeze your clothes and other clothing.

Keep your home warm by staying inside.

If temperatures fall below freezing, keep your home in a warm room.

It’s important to stay out of the wind, so do not put anything in your mouth.

If the snow continues to pile up, stay indoors, and if the winds are picking up, leave your home.

If the wind picks up, don’t go outside.

Stay away from the power line and trees.

If wind chills get too low or the snow becomes too heavy, don the coveralls and shoes you have on to avoid freezing your feet and possibly getting trapped underneath.

If winds get too strong, wear light jackets.

If wind champs get too heavy and the wind chaff is falling off your clothing, use wind-resistant, breathable, and breathable rain gear.

Stay calm and keep your head above the snow.

You can see the snow falling at your home by looking out the window or in your garage or driveway.

If there are trees in your driveway, don your winter hat and gloves to protect your eyes and ears.

If it’s getting too windy outside, consider taking the kids out to play in the snow or on a slide.

Be aware of snow hazards.

If a snowfall emergency occurs, be sure to stay inside and avoid putting anything in the mouth.

Do not drive if the temperature is below freezing.

If a snowstorm develops, don a long jacket, long pants, and windbreaker.

If your power lines freeze up, get rid of all your possessions and leave your vehicle.

If snowfall is expected, you may need to evacuate before it becomes too dangerous.

If that’s the case, stay inside until it passes.

If not, stay outside until the storm passes.

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