How to release your personal information

Reuters release of data has become the norm in some countries, such as Japan and South Korea, but a handful of other nations, including Britain and France, have moved to restrict its use.

The issue is part of a wider debate over the use of personal data in the digital era, with many governments trying to control it.

Reuters asked its subscribers what measures they would consider to prevent people from accessing their data, including whether they would prefer to delete it or store it for use by third parties.

Here is what they said: Japan: Users should avoid sharing personal information without permission.

Users should not share personal information unless they have given their permission.

France: Users should store personal information securely, using encryption.

Users who share personal data should not delete the data.

Users can share their personal data with third parties, but they should not use it to make other personal data public.

UK: Users must provide clear and appropriate information when they store data.

They should store their personal information in an encrypted format.

Users cannot share their data with anyone.

Germany: Users need to provide clear, appropriate information.

They can store personal data securely in an encryption format.

Users cannot share personal and financial data without the prior consent of the data subject.

Canada: Users can store their data securely and not share it with anyone without the permission of the person they share the data with.

Users may also need to create an account to access their data.

United States: Users have the right to request that third parties delete their personal and personal financial data, without limiting access to that data by third party users.

Israel: Users do not have the legal right to access, or access their own personal data without their consent.

Users do have the choice to block third party access to their data and block them from accessing it.

The US Congress has already passed new legislation that allows governments to demand that companies delete personal data, such that it can’t be used by anyone.

In a move that the Trump administration is expected to follow, the US Justice Department is looking into whether to create new rules for when governments can demand companies turn over personal data.

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