‘Punished’ for tweeting about women’s sexual assaults

News.au.com headline ‘PUNISHED’ for posting about women being sexually assaulted article The woman who took to social media to voice her outrage at the alleged sexual assaults of a teenage girl has been forced to apologise for her tweet and is facing a “serious backlash”.

I feel as if I’m being punished for speaking out.””

I’m outraged.

I feel as if I’m being punished for speaking out.”

Ms Thorsons account was removed by Facebook, which said it had “strongly condemned” the post.

Ms Thoresons tweet included the hashtags #Justice4TheRape, #RapeOnTheSwamp, and #NotMe.

She later apologised for the tweet, saying it was not in good taste.

The NSW Police Department said Ms Thorsson’s tweet had been removed because it breached social media guidelines.

But she was also accused of perpetuating an internet hoax after a series of photos were posted online purportedly showing a man’s genitalia and pubic hair.

Police said the images were not taken and did not represent the “physical appearance” of Mr Pate.

In a statement to ABC Radio NSW, Detective Inspector Stephen Tugendhat said Ms Pate’s tweets were a “complete fabrication”.

“There is no truth to any of the allegations,” he said.

“[This] person was very clearly attempting to create an online story that she knew was not true.”

He said the NSW Police Service had made contact with Ms Thoreson and she had been asked to attend an investigation.

Detective Inspector Tugdenhat said the alleged rape and assault took place in February last year.

‘We are very concerned’Ms Thosons Facebook page was filled with photos of Mr Tugdens genitalia, pubic and pubococcygeus.

Some of the photos included the hashtag #JusticeforTheRapes and were posted to social network sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

An Instagram post that read “This is a joke, but it has the power to change lives” has since been deleted.

When asked by ABC Radio Sydney about the issue, Facebook said it was aware of the controversy and would take action against anyone who breached their terms of use.

“We are extremely concerned about the alleged misuse of the social network and want to be sure our users understand how the platform is used,” Facebook said in a statement.

Its statement added that it was investigating the incident and the social media platform was working with authorities.

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