TechCrunch: Google Now has an Android app

In this week’s TechCrunch article, we bring you news about Google Now’s new app for Android, which will be available for purchase starting tomorrow.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for Google Now in the coming weeks.

The new app is a big step up from the existing Google Now app, which only works on Google’s Android platform.

The app is expected to debut at the I/O developer conference next month, where it’ll be available on Google Play and other Android-powered devices.

The app lets you ask questions, search for contacts, and even add a calendar event to your Google Now.

For now, the app only works for Google’s native Android platform, but it could eventually be expanded to include Apple’s iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Google Now is a Google product that will eventually get to consumers.

The company already has a service for iOS, which includes an interface similar to Google Now on iOS.

Google Now will be a part of Google’s next billion-dollar acquisition of Motorola Mobility, which is rumored to be headed to the Android platform in the near future.

Google has been working on a similar app for its mobile platforms, but the company has yet to make the app available to consumers and the company is currently locked into a licensing deal with Motorola.

The big question right now is whether Google will eventually expand the Google Now service to its desktop platforms as well.

While the company may eventually build an app for desktop computers, there’s no guarantee that the company will be able to do so in the future.

As of now, Google Now is available only on Android phones, but this could change as the company looks to expand to other mobile platforms.

If Google is able to expand the service to desktop platforms, it’ll allow the company to keep its core services like Google Docs and Google Now available on desktop computers as well, something that the likes of Microsoft have been doing for years.

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