Why do Americans hate the Energy Information Administration?

Posted February 05, 2019 03:16:11People hate the Information Administration because of the government’s inability to keep tabs on its own.

According to a recent study, the agency’s inability of collecting, storing and analyzing data for the public is the reason Americans hate it so much.

“There is a real mistrust of government,” said Mike Haney, director of the Energy Policy Research Institute at Texas Tech University.

“People are not sure what their government does.”

Haney’s research, conducted in partnership with University of Southern California, revealed that Americans hate their government because of a number of reasons.

“It is not a trusted agency,” Haney said.

“They have no trust in it.”

Haneys analysis of government data and polling data revealed that there are two main reasons Americans hate this agency.

One is because they have trouble believing in government.

In the survey, 58 percent of Americans said they were very or somewhat unsure about the agency.

And more than three-quarters of those surveyed said they would rather have no government at all.

“If the only thing that matters to people is their ability to get something done, then it’s a pretty weak agency,” said Haney.

“But if the only way to get things done is to have some government involvement in the process, then that becomes a pretty strong agency.”

The second reason Americans have trouble trusting government is because it lacks transparency.

According the survey data, only 30 percent of the public thinks that the agency is open to the public.

The same poll found that 54 percent of respondents thought that the federal government is not transparent.

“The more people know about this agency, the less they trust it,” said Jonathan Smith, an associate professor at the University of Colorado-Boulder and author of the study.

“People do not trust their government,” Smith added.

“And there’s a reason for that.

There is a sense of the unknown in government that can be quite negative.”

The biggest reason Americans dislike the Energy Department is because of its size.

According Haney’s study, it has the capacity to collect and store information for the government at a cost of $1.8 billion a year.

But the agency also has a huge budget, as it has a workforce of nearly 700 people.

According a January report from the Energy and Commerce Committee, the Energy Office alone has the ability to generate as much as $8 billion in annual revenue.

That means the Energy Administration can be the agency that is most easily accessed by the public, which is why the agency needs to be managed in a way that maximizes its value, said Haneys co-author and former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

Haney also believes that the current structure of the agency leaves it vulnerable to abuse.

“When it’s managed badly, it can create incentives for people to do things they wouldn’t normally do,” Haneies said.

“For example, if you are going to be an unpaid employee, you should be able to take advantage of the fact that you are not going to lose your job for a few months and get paid,” Smith said.

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