When students and their teachers need to be informed of the impact of trauma, a new curriculum

From the New York Times article “The school of journalism that was supposed to lead the way in journalism education was hijacked by a new generation of students who believe they’re immune to trauma,” said Ms. Kline, the school administrator.

“It was a big shock.

It was a scary time for journalism.”

The first edition of the new curriculum, entitled Trauma and the Future of Journalism, is based on a set of principles and principles that include “students being taught to critically think about trauma, how it affects us and how we can change it,” according to the curriculum’s Web site.

The second edition of this edition, entitled Surviving Trauma: Learning from Trauma, will include a chapter on “the history of trauma as a public health issue,” according a copy of the curriculum that was obtained by the Times.

In its statement to the Times, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Missouri did not respond to a request for comment.

The curriculum’s introduction calls for students to “reassess the role of trauma in society and the state of the journalism profession.”

It goes on to say: “We must make a serious commitment to ensuring that trauma is seen as a real threat to public safety, not a myth or a fiction.”

The school’s online description for the course describes the course as a “teaching experience for journalists and their colleagues, with the goal of teaching critical thinking skills in a professional way.”

The university’s course materials state that students will learn “how to: recognize the signs of trauma and its effects, the research behind trauma, the importance of trauma research, and how journalists can use trauma research to help inform their journalism.”

In its curriculum, the university notes that the course is based “on the principles of trauma informed journalism, which is an approach to journalism that is both culturally sensitive and critically reflective of the social and cultural context of trauma.”

In addition to the new course, the University also created a video series called “In Search of the Invisible,” which teaches students how to recognize trauma in social media and online.

The school said in a statement that the new content will be available on the university’s website “soon.”

The statement also noted that the university “is committed to supporting students and teaching them the tools and skills needed to be successful journalists and journalists who live in the digital age.”

The Times has not received a response to questions about how the university is handling the curriculum.

According to the university, it is reviewing its policies and policies to ensure the curriculum is aligned with its principles and standards.

The university said in its statement that it has been “working closely with its colleagues at the Department of Communication to review the content.”

The Associated Press has contacted the school for comment about the curriculum and is awaiting an official response.

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